"Toitu te whaitua a Tāne, toitu te whaitua a Tangaroa, toitu te whenua"
(Sustain the domains of Tāne and Tangaroa and they will sustain you)
Māori Land - Shareholders Groups
Each group represents a land block and is submitted by an owner with interests. Members approved to join are verified by the Māori Land Court as an owner with interests.
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Features - Shareholders Groups
MLI administers shareholders groups and approves members based on verification from the Māori Land Court. Members can connect, engage, discuss, share files, audio and photos knowing they are sharing with other owners.
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Unclaimed Money Search
Search multiple trusts and incorporations without the challenge of scouring the world wide web. We invite organisations to submit their lists to be included and we add these submissions to the search register.
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Search Register Features
Similar to searching for land interests on Maori Land Online, the results give an indication of connections through our tupuna and provide contact details for the associated organisation directly.
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Empowering similar interest groups to collaborate, discussions, organize events and disseminate important information to notify everyone instantly.
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Group Features
Approve or disapprove members from joining, delegate tasks among group members to achieve the group milestones, share files, audio or even photos only to members of the group.
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A place for people to get connected with your business or organisation. Suitable for any enterprise or businesses within the community to interact with their members and customers.
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Page Features
Members can discuss and share feedback which can be used as opportunities to further nurture relationships. Organize exclusive events for your followers to RSVP, make announcements for instant notification, Share files, audio, photos and collaborate with followers.
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Know the latest happenings and upcoming events within the community. Organize social gatherings whether Open, Private or Invitation Only for all occasions.
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Events Features
Keep track of possible attendees with RSVP, share important information of the event in real-time. Share files, audio and photos, delegate tasks to achieve milestones and pinpoint location with Google Maps. Enable attendees to discuss and share feedback to improve future events.
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Photo Albums
Share and celebrate memorable moments while saving special photos of people and places in customised albums for your legacy person.
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Album Features
Pinpoint location of the photo with Google Maps, Tag your friends and family, share insights on photos to describe the time, place and subject, bookmark your favorite albums for easy access under "My Favorite Album" tab and feature your favorites.
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