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The Land Groups in the network are an opportunity to connect as we currently have no other avenue to locate or communicate with other owners without a huge cost in time and money.   Learn more about how they work...

When you share documents, minutes, photos, upcoming hui and korero within groups, you are sharing with owners with common interests and contribute to assisting them in making informed decisions.

We create 'Private Groups' under the name of your land block. When we create the group, the person who submitted the group will be added as the first member. We add a direct link to your block details on Maori Land Online and a upload a copy of your Tupu.nz Whenua Report (where available) to help give you an initial place to start your journey started.

All requests to join Land Blocks are managed by MLI Administration.

Aside from the initial set-up we do not monitor or get involved in the 'land block groups' but we contribute files, images and information submitted to our team that is applicable to your specific land groups. 

We are the only owner/admin of every Shareholders - Māori Land Group to give every member, owner, shareholder an equal opportunity to participate. We verify members requesting to join land groups and confirm that they are beneficial land owners who have completed their successions or have a power of attorney to act on behalf of owners prior to approving requests.

We investigate reports of abuse or misuse by members of the group to enable all members to feel safe and secure.

Because we are the only owner/admin of these groups, we remain independent so there is NO BIAS. The only members of these groups are owners verified through Maori Land Online or with succession judgement documents from the Maori Land Court. 

For those who wish to participate, learn and engage with other owners and beneficiaries, we have a category called "Maori Land - Open Groups".  These groups can be created by all members and the admin of these pages are those who create them.  The idea of having this category is to enable those who are not yet succeeded owners but who whakapapa to the whenua to be able to connect and engage with others.

By joining land groups you can play a part in reading/posting/uploading to the group or to adding to your own files for your successors. 

You can manage, store and access all your documents and information in one place, anytime, anywhere.

Your Legacy Person will receive access to all your records in the event that anything should happen to you...its like a succession plan for your records!

We encourage everyone who has not yet completed their successions to put in your applications so that you can be a part of the conversations, learning and sharing. 

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Oropuriri Urupā
MLC Panui - July 2021


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