Uniquely bound in the system


Tangata Whenua have unique attributes, circumstances, relationships to navigate and learn that no other nationality has in Aotearoa or the world. 

We have the usual day-to-day work, friends, education and housing like everyone else but we also spend a lifetime trying to piece together generations of puzzle pieces.

Set-up to fail while losing our culture, our language and our connections, there have been many who have used education to challenge our losses.  Ultimately these challenges have resulted in empowering our people to restore various aspects of our culture by using the system we were fighting to affect change.

Like what? Well let's start with what we have named the site after: 

Maori Land 

A quick search in Google will define Maori land as: defined by Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 as being one of two things: Māori Customary Land. Changing from Crown Land to Māori Customary Land. Māori Freehold Land.

Māori land information is a platform that has the view that tangata whenua hold kaitiakitanga over our country therefore making all of Aotearoa Māori Land.

People manage portfolios of property investments or a couple of rental properties, but imagine if they had:

  • 20-5000 additional owners in the same property
  • No address or contact details for anyone (other than a few they know personally)
  • No record of owners alive or deceased
  • Trusts administering various land/property without any registered address for service or contact details
  • Trustees that are unknown, uncontactable and generally just names on a record where you have to spend hours, days and sometimes years to locate (and in some cases have been deceased for a long time)

We'd love to see the most distinguished developers try to manage multiple properties without putea or effective tools to match the mahi and effort that is required by everyday tangata whenua. 

Sure we are generalizing here but the fact is that it is an almost impossible task to be an all around effective land owner in Maori Land without being super organized and well connected!

Te Tumu Paeroa - The Maori Trustee
Te Tumu Paeroa is the organisation that supports the Māori Trustee fulfil her trustee duties and responsibilities.  The Māori Trustee administers land on behalf of beneficial owners for approximately 1800 land Trusts as an Agent or Trustee.  To see if they administer any of your whenua, search here: https://www.tetumupaeroa.co.nz/ and click the + on the magnifying glass to extend the search box to search for your block/s.  If the results return your land block/s, you will need to register on My Whenua to view pānui, maps, upcoming hui and trust information.

Understanding the many facets of Maori land from where we got it from, to where it is, to what can we do with it and so many other hundreds of questions requires a whole education module of it's own...and we as Tangata Whenua inherit this responsibility generation after generation.

Divide and conquer is a very useful tool to gain power and control and with fragmentation often a topic of discussion, we have the ability to come together and strengthen every teaspoon with unity.

"Me ka moemoeā au, ko au anake; Me ka moemoeā tātou, ka taea e tātou."
If I were to dream alone, only I would benefit. If we were to dream together, we could achieve anything.

Te Kirihaehae Te Puea Hērangi


Many of our people affiliate to more than one marae and for some it is an arduous journey to find where their bones are, how they connect and it is commonly our children that inspire the journey to learn.  There are also those who for various reasons have experienced disconnection, have no idea where to begin and the too hard basket can make it generations until family members return. 

Runanga | Post Settlement Trusts 

Modern day settlements have effectively brought together numerous hapū under one umbrella and because they are recent constructs, it is our responsibility to seek out our whakapapa that connects us to the runanga or trust that represents us.  Each of them have a registration process requiring whakapapa to a common tīpuna/tūpuna.  Many have education grants, mahi, rangatahi programs and events that promote whakawhanaungatanga.

Facebook / Instagram 

The final aspect we want to touch on is social media which has many benefits for whanau searching whanau, trying to stay in touch and connected BUT there some korero that should be reserved for our own? When was the last time you read the terms and conditions of Facebook? We have become so complacent with the ease that many of our histories, whakapapa, whenua and even confidential documents are now a part of offshore archives and you no longer control the use of your photos, your korero, your documents etc.

Just to be clear, MLI does not mine your personal data, we only share contact details to connect you with your trusts/organisations but only after you have given consent, you own all information and content you share or upload and we only share publicly published stories. When you request to be removed from our system, all private content is removed permanently from our archived system.

We don't want to replace social media platforms like Facebook...we want to use every tool available at our disposal to connect and bring our people together. However, we do want people to be aware and sure of what they surrender voluntarily. Information is power, awareness brings enlightenment and knowledge will empower.

With land successions, registrations to complete, marae to connect with and owners and whanau to connect to - our ultimate aim is to assist your important connections to be managed, organised and updated efficiently so they can be passed along in a way that supports your successors.  

It will not be an overnight sensation but we don't want it to be...we want to provide solutions and use the system to create a platform that works for our people...and build our own features to suit our unique journeys.

Unclaimed money register
MLC Pānui - March 2023

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